Made for #LOWREZJAM with Bitsy.

Development log


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So I trudged through this weird world with no describable features, into a church, find a cat, and the game ends.
No thanks.

The cat is one of the default sprites used for Bitsy. Maybe this could just be a test for something, I dunno.


This is fantastic. I can't believe it's Bitsy!



Great work with the graphics, at first I wouldn't have even guessed that this is a Bitsy game. I'm not familiar with Bitsy development, but I'd say probably some work went into this. With the light showing your way and no map, it's very easy to just get lost, but I think that just might be the purpose here.

If you're interested, you'd be welcome to enter our Game Development World Championship, especially the jam entries category!


This is hecking awesome! Disorienting, in a good way


omfg!!!!!! ok ok this is really f-cking cool :0