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Can you collect all the coins? You just have to have them, no matter the cost!

Controls: left+right to move, up to jump

Made in 3h for Ludum Dare 40 with PICO-8.


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PICO-8 42 kB


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i want to see this game ported to tic-80! ;p


hurts my eyes but I love it


it's very challenging!! also, how did you achieve the glitch effect?

It's done by copying screen memory back onto itself with an offset rather than simply clearing each frame (feel free to download the .p8 source for more detail).


Is that normal ? °^°


I love the graphics and audio :) But collisions are really buggy, I felt through the flour a few times.

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Love it ^v^


this is great, cool idea


i hope collecting money isn't like this irl