Made for IAN as part of the Bitsy Community Secret Santa

Based on the prompts: ALIENATION / SURREAL / HAIRY

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withbitsy
Tags2D, Bitsy, Cats, Lo-fi, Pixel Art, secrets, Short, weird


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how did you add the static thing?

it's a shader applied using the canvas replacement hack


Love the noise/haze effect!


I really enjoyed walking through this! The static effect in the background really helped to build on the surreal atmosphere, as well as the strangely expansive and winding alleyway. I did encounter what may have been a bug when I read the final dialogue for each page. The dialogue from each item at the top of the screen would disappear when I hit "up" to make it scroll faster. If this was intentional, then all is well. I would like to play a longer experience with this kind of background fuzz. It created wonderful atmosphere.

thanks for the feedback! the dialogue shouldn't be disappearing, but they do pop up to the top due to the change in player position; i'll see if i can fix it so the exit isn't applied till the dialogue is closed