Controls: WASD
Progress: ℹ

Made unsuccessfully for #7DRL with rot.js.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Tags2D, ascii, glitch, Lo-fi, Roguelike, Short
Average sessionA few seconds


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Hey there, 

I write game reviews and you're my next victim, if you don't mind. Don't worry, I genuinely enjoyed your game. I'll send you a pre-release copy if you like. :)

feel free!


The slithering slimey tube beasts are pretty neat, and the aesthetic is really neat. Too bad it didn't get some combat.


How wonderfully weird! Love the ambience. I'll have to check out your other stuff.

I assume the lack of frame clear is part of the intended aesthetic, but it's a bit excessive, I wish the old frames would fade out a little or something. Though I suppose it's a pretty impressive achievement for a roguelike to make someone motion sick, haha.


Oh this was neat. Absolutely adore the aesthetic.

Of course, now I want to know: HOW WAS IT ACHIEVED?!

Nevertheless, very impressive and I liked this a lot.


I quite like the art style and it was fun trying to find all the bits of text.  Thanks for sharing your project.