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This game was really unique, and I loved it! It was so well-written, and I'm IN LOVE with the concept behind it!

For anyone who wants to find the different endings and needs a bit of help, here's a list of tips on how to get the ones I found. You can do these things in any order, but I'd recommend doing them in ascending order. Don't worry about there being any big spoilers, as these tips are as spoiler-free as possible, and feel free to add anything that may be missing from this list. Here they are:

1. Strictly follow the instructions given to you, so only push the button after you're told to do so, during the speech bubbles containing ellipses, or groups of three consecutive dots.

2. Ignore any and all instructions given to you and spam the button. You can do this at any point, but I'd recommend doing it right at the beginning of the game and when you're first told to push the button, or when you're told which button it is, and if you want to, do so in a way that you can still read the speech bubbles.

3. Ignore any and all instructions given to you again, but this time, don't press the button at all. I'd recommend reading the speech bubbles whilst refraining from pushing the button.

4. Press the button the first time you're told to or when you're told which button it is, but don't press it again afterwards. Again, I'd recommend reading the speech bubbles whilst refraining from pushing the button.

This tip isn't for how to get an ending, but it is one for how to get some interesting dialogue: 

5. Push the button right at the beginning of the game, but don't press it again afterwards for a while. Doing this won't affect the ending you'll get, so feel free to do it whenever.

Again, you can add anything missing from this list (I'd really appreciate it), and thanks for reading!

"Are you using a GamePad?"


here are some fun cool endings

Played it before: Press x once before she talks then again you lose though

YOU win: listen to the rules press it once then again she will say it

i forgot the other ones

yah i won FINNALY


Me to


i was overpatient i knew the rules and pressed the x button she didnt like that


Did you win the game?



I WON! Until I lost

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Soprendentemente interesante!!


Heyyo, I win!

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GLaDOS would like a word with you.

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I LOST :(, still had fun.  5 STARS

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Surprisingly interesting. Also, love the little gamepad easter egg.

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This is truly awesome


I'm glad to see that you made the 1st place in the Pippin Barr 'GAME IDEA' Game Jam with that! I loved the meta level of it, in the sense of speaking directly to the player on the one hand, but also in the sense of asking about our understanding of goals in games. That was a great implementation of Barr's tweet. <3 Gladly I included your game in one of our compilation articles about the jam as well as in the related showcase video. And hey, maybe I can see another game of you in the upcoming Pippin Barr jam? ;> Would be great!

Best wishes,


nice funny game!

Love it.

I like the strange, static-like style of the game. .w. Humor's pretty good too~

A 5-star game.

I'm crying. This is brilliant. <3

Haha, this is great! :D

ha! Pretty funny :)



Amazing !