A little helper tool for generating fillp patterns.

Output is provided as hexadecimal sum (most compact), binary sum (easiest to read), and decimal addition (verbose; matches PICO-8 example). Click on output to copy to clipboard.

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Made withPICO-8
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excellent tool, thank you!
I'd add a 'random' button for experimenting :)


Very nice! I was messing around with the sprite editor and map editor trying to fake this in stock PICO-8, but this is exactly what I needed for what I was doing :D


This is great and VERY useful - thanks for creating it! :D

If you're at all looking for feature suggestions - it'd be great if this also allowed you to pick colours and set the transparency option, as this is the bit I tend to get stuck on!

Thanks again


Thanks for the feedback! I'm not sure what the UI for the transparency would look like, but I added a colour picker.

In the meantime, you can copy the binary output and add .1 to get transparency.


That's great Sean - this will DEFINITELY be a lifesaver going forward.
Thanks again! :D


Fantastic tool, will definitely be making use of this a lot!


I made a similar tool!
but never thought on using hex values. That's great :D