This tool allows you to create textures that can be used as threshold maps for ordered dithering, a technique usually implemented using programmatically generated Bayer matrices.

The drawing grid allows you to visualize each "layer" of the threshold map, and to build up the final texture additively. The preview area applies a basic posterize + dither through post-processing using the generated texture (source available here).


  • Drag the bar between the output and preview sections to resize
  • Use ArrowLeft and ArrowRight to change the current layer while drawing

Randomized preview images sourced from a British Library collection of public domain works.


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Loved this

What's the recommended maximum image size?

I've got it set to warn for any dither texture more than 256 total pixels (16x16); you can go larger if you accept the warning, but the drawing interface may slow down as it gets larger. The preview images can be pretty much as large as you want since the preview render is very simple.

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Very nice!


This is a really interesting tool! I'll share this with my 1bit friends :D


Great tool! Just donated my 2 bucks! Thanks for sharing