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I press anter and click and press any other button. Nothing works. I can't get past the menu.


controls are the arrow keys



One person can play this

online doesn't work

Can you elaborate? The netcode's a bit buggy so online gameplay's not the greatest, but just checked and the connection broker seems to still be working fine!

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When I connected and we got a connection only one of us was able to select the "Online VS." button

Hmm, sounds like the connection happened before the cartridge finished GPIO setup. I'll try to find some time for a bugfix, but in the meantime if you wait a few seconds after the game has started to hit "Enable Online" you might have better luck getting it to work.

Thanks for the bug report!

Pretty fun.

Really fun game. Love the art and sound.

Love the consistent art style. This was fun to play. Well done!

This is pretty good! I could see my self playing this with friends!