This is a one button dueling game.

Hold to run, let go before passing to attack.

Whoever hits hardest wins.

Includes a local multiplayer mode and a peer-to-peer online multiplayer mode. Note that the online mode is disabled by default. To play online, click the "Enable Online" button at the top, register an ID, and then connect to your opponent's ID. I didn't test it out that extensively, so if you run into any issues let me know!


If neither player let go before passing, it's a tie.

If one player let go before passing, that player wins.

If both players let go before passing, the winner is decided by speed.
If speeds are the same, it's a tie.

Made for #OneButtonJam with PICO-8 and Peerjs.


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Pretty fun.

Really fun game. Love the art and sound.

Love the consistent art style. This was fun to play. Well done!

This is pretty good! I could see my self playing this with friends!