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Loved it, the sound effects and the pixelating looks great. I mostly liked the camera point of view and how it changes throughout the game. Distorted sound was good. I think it needs a bit more sprites and interactive objects.

I think the ending was a bit disappointing and needs more explanation. It's good.


oh I thought the game was supposed to be played not knowing where you're going lol. I'm glad i read comments now


Quite unlike anything I've played before, but I really liked it. Played it alongside some other Jam games! (your game starts at 11:34)

needs some fallbacks:

except for the dialogs it's completely blank and the webconsole keeps complaining about being unable to read property 0 of undefined.

hey, sorry about that; mind letting me know what browser you were playing on?

Chrome, windows 10

I've resolved one compatibility issue with an older version of chrome, but you may simply need to update your browser. It should work on versions going back at least two years.

I've got a black screen. Am I doing something wrong?

That's not intended, sorry about that! I think there's a browser compatibility issue; mind letting me know what you're using?

It just launches it in an window.

Oh interesting, you're running it in the itch app? I'll see if I can debug that, but in the meantime I'd recommend trying to play it in a browser (chrome and firefox should both work fine).

How do you play it?

its just black screen for me?

I think there's a browser compatibility issue; can you let me know what you're using?


oooo that's freaky


Whoa, spooky. Is the audio procedural?

yep! made using PCM tool:


how was this made with Bitsy?!  must have taken a lot of work.  very cool game!


with a lot of hacks, haha:


Wow. Brilliant little experience you provide here, Bitsy. Incredibly original, this kind of game is not something I come across often. Really interesting gameplay, intentionally unnerving audio and as for the graphics, no doubt unique. Well done, Bitsy. Wish you the best.


oh my god this is a masterpiece