Made for the daydream #BitsyJam with Bitsy.


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I'm two years late, but I really liked this idea, nice game!

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I'm a year late, but the colors in this are so soft and pretty. Love the dreamy vibe and simplicity <3

Oh, checked if I could try going up and found all the extra stuff. cool!


This is awesome.  Great color palette, and great art!


This is super cute, haha. I like the color choices as well.


I wonder what the bus is thinking right now... lol

"Fart" (from Rick & Morty) was my first thought when I saw the main character.

I like the way you used Bitsy to create this side-scrolling game. The writing made me laugh and the idea of letting the player know the kind of thoughts "humans" and inanimate objects have is an excellent approach to the jam. I liked the aesthetics too.

Good game! Thanks for creating and sharing this.