those who wield the geometry divine know no rest

Controls: Mouse, or 1/2/3/4.

Made for #AGBIC 2020 with Phaser.

Inspired by the Famicase RECKON by Jonah Davidson.

Development log


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Are there multiple endings to the game?

Not really; some characters have different things to say based on your choices, but the structure doesn't change.


good to know, i'm sure i'll revisit it anyway! I really enjoyed the game, thank you for making it and allowing people to access it online


Gorgeous presentation & visuals. My only feedback is that sometimes when I press a button to advance the dialogue more quickly, I accidentally select a dialogue option


Thanks for the feedback! I've put up a minor fix to prevent options from becoming interactive before they're visible, so hopefully other folks won't have that issue.


Love the concept and story - really like the character design too in the portraits as well.

I enjoyed it very much. At the trial, I marked not guilty and then the game was stuck with no option to do anything. Please let us know if you update it/bugfix it. It was quite enjoyable and strange.

Sorry about that; just put up a fix to address that issue; thanks for reporting it!

I was quite interested in the concept and story... but I kept running into errors with no option to go back. Rather than start over, I'm just moving on. But I definitely enjoyed the parts I could experience!

Sorry about that; mind letting me know roughly where you were running into errors?

I had the same issue as silentferrets with marking not guilty. I also got an error message during my first conversation with the "reporter" after he told me I was at "Arrivals"

OK, thanks for the info!