Controls: arrow keys to move, up to interact

Made for #utopiajam with Bitsy.
Guitar track by Michael Hetman.


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fun game. Very cute too

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hadn't played any bitsy games in a while and this was a really good one to remind me of the beautiful things than can be created with it

the music is absolutely perfect too :3


very cute game <3


nice little game, i like it !


this was rly cute

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very good


Lovely game! I loved the music, really sucks you into the atmosphere.



Solid game


Minimalism. Lovely characters. The music suits your story so well. I like this game so much.


Thank you for the game!

It was nice. 


Really nice little game


Very relaxing and cute game <3


Super gorgeous game :)


whoa! this is real good!! the part where like the fruit regrows kinda got me like !!!! 


this game was so cute!!!!!! :-)


My indie play of holt


awesome use of Bitsy, cool atmosphere, and I loved the map section when returning to their home.

may I ask how did you add sound(great music by the way)? 



The sound was added by editing the game after exporting from the Bitsy editor; the footsteps + sprite sounds are hooked into the `onPlayerMoved` and `clearDialogBox` of the Bitsy engine source, and the music is on autoplay/loop.

So lovely and simple. Great atmosphere with the art and music! Keep up the good work :)

Great game...I love the aesthetics :)

I played and gave my thoughts about it

I unfortunatley didn't record my reaction for going in the victory area before leaving

I loved this!! super cute :)

This is so mind-bendingly adorable.

This was a wonderful game. Thank you very much for sharing!


so lovely, thank you for sharing.


Well, I have to say this was way more enjoyable than I initially expected. I mean, it's really simple and short, but... I don't know, it's just nice. I didn't expect such an ending, so I kept thinking about what it was supposed to mean. I also have to say that the music is what hooked me throughout, until the end. It's the combination of minimalist graphics and the music that seem to do the trick. I think a slightly deeper story would make this even more special.

After I bring the fruit from the ash tree to holt, It doesnt let me leave and I've interacted with everything I could. What am I missing?

I played this game a little bit for my channel, Its a very nice and short play, also, I played it prior to your update. None the less, Really enjoyable!

Hey there, thanks for sharing; I always enjoy watching people play my games!

Looks like I'm going to have to fix that bug you found near the end though, haha

definitely was funny though haha

This was adorable, but I agree with the others it could use some user friendliness tweaks

Really cute game :3


Very nice little game! Really wish you could hold the arrow keys to move automatically though. Mashing right and left got a little tiring.


Thanks for the feedback! The latest update lets you hold down the movement keys as suggested.

This is such a cute little black and white, 8bit, experience game, I love the bg music too :)