merge tool for bitsy gamedata


  • contents which don't overlap will be added without being changed
  • contents which overlap will have their ids prefixed before being added, and references to their id will automatically be updated
  • contents which overlap but are identical will not be added (e.g. if you start from a shared file, only changes will be added on merge)
  • the contents of dialog scripts are not checked or updated; if you're referencing things from dialog (especially via hacks) you'll have to make sure that the names still line up post-merge manually
  • variables which overlap will throw an error (variable overlaps need to be resolved manually since dialog contents aren't updated)
  • title, bitsy version, and room format from game to add is ignored
  • make sure to choose a unique prefix: overlaps are not checked for prefixed conflict resolution

source available on github

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TagsBitsy, sourcecode
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Why is it that the output is always 10,000 lines?

could you clarify if you're seeing a bug? do you mean that if you try to use gamedata that's more than 10k lines, it truncates to only 10k, or something else?

what the heck! it says

Error: Couldn't merge: both games define a starting value for "VAR a"; please resolve this conflict externally.


edit: i fixed it

can you make this workable for

unfortunately i don't think multicolor bitsy is stable yet, but so long as the gamedata is backwards compatible, it should work automatically. if you're having issues using this tool with multicolor bitsy data, you'd likely need to talk with aury about how to resolve that

yea i tried merging, it did this thing where i could only see the background of my game and one color of the blue on my diamond sword.


Did you figured it out, how to merge multicolor bitsy data with any available tool?
pleaseee :)

dude, it's been three years, I totally forgot, sorry!



this is awesome!


I don't quit totally understand everything of this but I thank you now for the me from the future that will totally gets it.
So thank you a lot <3


thenk you Sean for my life