merge tool for bitsy gamedata


  • contents which don't overlap will be added without being changed
  • contents which overlap will have their ids prefixed before being added, and references to their id will automatically be updated
  • contents which overlap but are identical will not be added (e.g. if you start from a shared file, only changes will be added on merge)
  • the contents of dialog scripts are not checked or updated; if you're referencing things from dialog (especially via hacks) you'll have to make sure that the names still line up post-merge manually
  • variables which overlap will throw an error (variable overlaps need to be resolved manually since dialog contents aren't updated)
  • title, bitsy version, and room format from game to add is ignored
  • make sure to choose a unique prefix: overlaps are not checked for prefixed conflict resolution

source available on github

Updated 29 days ago
TagsBitsy, sourcecode
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSource code


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this is awesome!


I don't quit totally understand everything of this but I thank you now for the me from the future that will totally gets it.
So thank you a lot <3


thenk you Sean for my life