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ooooh! this is so neat. and very cute! i love your sprites. (and the bg on your game page)


Fyi, for some reason the mobile touch controls seem to be broken for me? I’ll have to try this on my laptop later.

ah thanks for the heads up! that's a webglazy bug i think; i'll have to look into that


this is so good!!! i love how there's like 4?? endings!!! (i think it's 4? i only found 4??) but just gosh THATS REALLY RAD!! love the art and colours soooo much too!!!


more than 4 ;)

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OH DAAAAAANG i gotta......... replay
edit: i have indeed found more endings..... but i didnt count so idk if i found them all, EITHER WAY THIS IS SUPER COOL

Yeah, it's so pretty! I think I've got 4 endings myself, working on more...