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is there a point or story, or is this just a beautiful environment to explore?

Damn this was really interesting and the way the character slowly turns insane while you wonder if whatever you're inside of is actually dead is cool especially since there is this one texture that's constantly moving. Also are the areas procedurally generated?

yes, the areas are generated via raymarching

screen is black

It can take a little while to load; if you try again and it doesn't show up after several seconds, try checking the console for more info.


looks like vertex-less procedural or fractal 3d rendering. fascinating.


yes, most of the rendering is done via raymarching


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aha is this even a game if there isnt a plot also this game feels the the backrooms 2


It was a beautiful and thoghtful experience, thanks for the game.


wow. gorgeous, poetic

Psychedelic to the max.


I'm shook

do i just float around and read things until i get bored?


you can also look at things until you get bored


This is such a cool game!