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this is really fun! they're so hard to find haha


sean why are you so cool

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So Sooooo cute :)

Just wish I had managed to find the ducklings :(


thanks for sharing!


Cool game, was wondering how you made the trees and buildings? Is it just the layered sprite method?

pretty much, yeah; the pico-8 cartridge is available for download if you're interested in seeing how it's implemented

are...u ....serIOSUS DUCKS?!

I NED THIS!! But my storage is too small for it because of all the stuff windows 10 already has. TwT


I love it but I think a mini-map might be helpful.

Honestly just a good game in general! Quite peaceful and simple, while looking pretty diffrent, in a really good way.

Nice game. Liked the pseudo-3d effect. The encounter with the 'mountain climber' was sort of funny as well! It would be good perhaps to have some clues on the way as to where some of the ducks might be, though. Anyways, good job!

I found them all great work on this! Nice dithering and love the 2.5d effect ;D The music, sound effects and dialogue are cute too ^^