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I had an issue earlier with the template regarding my project becoming distorted, as if the scaling had done something squiggly to all the graphics. To fix this - I removed all of the 'image-rendering' and 'interpolation-mode' values in the CSS.

It would be nice if this was an option, something such as 'optimise for pixel art'.


Ah, good suggestion! I'll add that in the next update.


oh this works splendidly!



Really helpful! Thanks so much.

Seems to be broken in Unity version 2020.1.0b5.

tested it out in 2020.1.0b5 and can reproduce the issue: looks like unity isn't replacing any of the template tags when creating a WebGL build. looks like they've changed how that build process works, unfortunately without updating the documentation; will dig into it some more and try to have a fix up soon


updated with a version that supports 2020.x. thanks for the bug report; feel free to lmk if you have any other issues!


I tested it and it works. Thank you for your work!

I'm getting the following error using the template on Firefox:

The resource at “” was blocked because content blocking is enabled."

It's true that I have content blocking enabled as per default in Firefox. This makes the game start take a couple of seconds longer. I assume this is because the template tries to contact Google in vain. As most players are pretty hectic nowadays, some of them might think the game doesn't work and close the browser so it would be great if you could add a check for potential content blocking. Thanks!


i believe that's unfortunately outside the scope of this template: it's just a very thin wrapper around the bundle Unity is injecting into it, and Unity is managing any and all tracking code

I see. That is unfortunate. I'm not sure who is contacting Google analytics in Is it Unity or Itch itself? Or someone else? Let's hope it works better in the future.


Thanks a lot. I was wondering how I could achieve pixel perfect webGL games in unity for a long time. I can finally make sharp pixel-art games.


This is nice, Ill use this from now o


Awesome! Thank you very much for your time and efforts!


Thanks for a great little template! I am sending $20 can your way for this! Much appreciated.


Thanks for sharing this. Saved me a lot of headache.


I just found this and it's great. I'm going to link to this from the documentation for HTML5 games.

oh awesome!


Thank you so much! This does exactly what I've struggled to do over the last few days.


This is fantastic! Auto-include in every Unity game I make now. Thank you!

Wow, this is really useful! Setting 'scale to fit' to false would be perfect for me, but it doesn't seem to actually change the dimensions & aspect ratio of the camera the way it should. The boarders of the screen get cut off. Likely a problem with Unity itself.

What kind of license is this under? I plan to release the source code of my game... Do I need to mention you somewhere?

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MIT license; attribution is appreciated but not required

(updated the metadata to reflect this)


Thanks for the amazing template! It works great in Chrome and saved the day for my project. 

I was wondering if focusing the canvas element after entering fullscreen mode would help Estecka's issue. I noticed for me as well that after going into fullscreen you need to click on the canvas element to resume the game loop.

Would be nice to have the auto-detection working. Does adding the "width" and "height" properties in the style attribute of the "gameContainer" div work?

Would be nice to have the auto-detection working. Does adding the “width” and “height” properties in the style attribute of the “gameContainer” div work?

Yes. That’s exactly what is needed.

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Works great !
Though for some reason, when enabling's fullscreen on firefox, the game remains scaled down until you click it again. (No issue on chrome)

Another thing that is not an issue but worth noting:
Whereas can usually find the canvas' size for Unity games automatically, this template requires setting the canvas size manually.

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Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'll try to take some time to look into those issues.

Edit: looks like the first issue is on Unity's end (the canvas does in fact resize, but Unity's not updating till it's been focused). RE the auto-detect size, I spent a bit of time tinkering to see if I could figure out where they're pulling the size from without success; I've submitted a feature request on's github about it though, and will update this if more info on the auto-detect becomes available.

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Late reply, but I just came across this template and ran into the same issue as you with itch not being able to detect the canvas size.

But the good news is I found the solution.

Near the bottom of the index.html included in the template, change the line with

<div id="gameContainer">


<div id="gameContainer" style="width: %UNITY_WIDTH%px; height: %UNITY_HEIGHT%px"></div>

and will then be able to automatically find the canvas size.


Thanks for figuring this out! I've updated the template with the suggested change now.

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